Ek Adhri Si Baat

Ek Adhri Si Baat

Poems of Paraplegic Man

By Gursewak Ghumman

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Description: A simple common man met with a fatal accident two years back. He had his right lung punctured and T8-T9 crushed in that accident. That was the hardest time he and his family had ever seen. He was in ICU for couple of months, with ventilator for approx. one and half month. He survived that accident but had a compromised quality of life, as he is paraplegic. At the time of accident he was in different city than his family, so no one was around. He was none other than me. I am highly thankful to my friends and doctors who took care of me, managed my airway. In order to show my gratitude towards those people and God I tried to right some poems. Hope you all like it..

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