The Hickory Force

The Hickory Force

By Caleb Brendel

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Description: Welcome to Hickory. A place like no other. A world with evil lurking around every corner. Any story has a hero but this story, has a hero like no other. Jumper. King Jumper has ruled Hickory ever since he was 6. When he turned 13 he assembled a group that could have a answer to keeping his country, Hickory, safe forever. The Hickory Force. They will follow him as he shows them the outside world and the dangers ahead. The Hickory Force is about keeping the peace but peace will be disturbed by one man. Zantus. In order to defeat Zantus, Jumper and his crew, The Hickory Force, travel around different areas to discover the abilities of the sword that can bring hope and prosperity to their land. The Hickory Sword.

About Author: Born and raised in Sullivan, Missouri.

Category: Fiction

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Language: English

Publisher: Caleb Brendel