Winners or Losers

Winners or Losers

The Pursuit of Satisfaction

By Saurabh Takkar

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Description: There are two kinds of breeds in this world, one who always thinks about the problems, keeps on cribbing and blame the system for it. Then there is the second breed of people who understand problems and find solutions rather than leaving it for someone else. Welcome to “Winners or Losers”, a story of two friends Sam and Jassi, who were sitting idle after completing their MBA. They were idle out of their own choice, didn’t take jobs as they felt that doing Nine to Five job was not their cup of tea. They were waiting for some miracle to happen in their life but parents and peers pressure was mounting every day. Parental support was weaning away and friends had starting taunting and laughing at them. An idle son at home is a curse for the parents and parents could no longer tolerate their idleness. Sam and Jassi were known as loser in their circle and neighbors had started looking down upon them. Neighbors had started advising rather compelling their children to abhor their company. Out of compulsion they accept a difficult challenge from the parents. Did they win or lose!!!

About Author: Saurabh Takkar is from India. He was born on 27th July, 1985, in Amritsar, Punjab. He completed his Engineering in Electronics and Communication in 2007. In his personal life, he lives with his adorable wife who is a professional singer and a 2.5 years old boy. Professionally, he works with a Maritime company, Singapore as an Information Architect.

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