I, Me, and Whisky

I, Me, and Whisky

...A Triangular Love Story

By Amit Kumar Srivastava

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Description: The story deals with Arjun and his love for whisky. He is a regular drinker and doesn't wish to leave drinking just because it is not harming him in any ways. But things started going sour as he soon starts experiencing blackouts. Soon, his life changes and he is left lonely with no friends. Then his marriage happens which make him realize that he is capable of loving someone else as well. The happy moments of marriage soon become passÈ as whisky takes his love of love away too. Now it is on him to pursue his love back in his life. How he does that is the best part of the story...

About Author: This book is written by a budding author who has written a story which successfully binds the reader till the end. It had been only two weeks since the book is on Google PLay store and it is already coming in first 30 searches if searched through the keyword 'Whisky'

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