Uriah's Vengeance

Uriah's Vengeance

By Masimba Musodza

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Description: Ce-Ce and Farai are assigned by the wife of a wealthy businessman to protect him from a possible attempt on his life by an extortionist. Despite their efforts, he is brutally murdered in one of his homes and they have to find his killer. Clues point to a quest for revenge for a terrible wrong dating back to Zimbabwe’s war for independence. However as the sister and brother duo uncover the past, shocking discoveries suggest a motive much closer to the ethos of contemporary society; sheer avarice. The Case Files of the Dread Eye Detective Agency, almost certainly the first depiction of Rastafarians in popular fiction, have been read and enjoyed all around the world, and have been featured in magazines such as South Africa’s very own ‘Jungle Jim’. KUDOS "...Uriah's Vengeance comes off the page speaking volumes. In the grand tradition of Spillane, Doyle and Chandler, yet entirely unlike them too, The Dread Eye Detective Agency is a fresh and innovative leap forward for the genre. As well as plainly being a cracking good fast paced read. In all, Masimba Musodza never fails to deliver." Ivor Hartmann, editor, StoryTime e-zine “I really enjoyed this book that features Zimbabwean Rastafarians who have never before been represented in literature. the characters leap off the page and the plot is intriguing”, Release the Cure, 2011 “Through twist and turns, the author unlocks a complicated jigsaw puzzle in a way that leaves the reader on the edge. It is one of the books one can’t put down until one finishes reading. It is also that book that lingers in your memory for much longer after you finish reading it, one that you can not shake off your system” -Sarudzayi Chifamba-Barnes, Harare Tribune "Uriah's Vengeance kept my mind occupied until I drank the last drop of its ink. It interestingly blends very vivid and interesting characters, various cultural influences: english literature, Rastafari from a positive continental African perspective and the rising urban middle class in Zimbabwe. This is an interesting action and investigation movie where the Rastas are the heroes. ", The Bookseeker

About Author: Zimbabwe-born (Harare, 1976) Masimba Musodza ascends the literary ladder with his brand of "intelligent pulp", fast-paced thrillers with a serious underlying theme. He has also been described as a "Rasta Hemmingway", not least because he has pioneered the creation of a corpus of what can be described as Rastafarian Fiction. When he writes in his own language, ChiShona, he explores the dark themes of his people's lore in a style that is both original yet revealing the strong influence of Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells etc. Since 2002, Masimba Musodza has lived in the United Kingdom, settling in the North East England town of Middlesbrough. His novels, novellas, short-stories and essays have been published in Zimbabwe, South Africa, the UK, the US, Jamaica, Croatia, Australia, Nigeria and, now, India

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