The Chi-Town Roughriders

The Chi-Town Roughriders

By Masimba Musodza

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Description: As armed bank robberies increase, the Dread Eye Detective Agency is called in to assist by captains of the country’s financial sector. Ce-Ce just happens to be in a bank when it falls victim to a daring, apparently well-planned raid and Abrihet, another Rastafarian woman, is kidnapped. Why did the robbers take her? And why would they invite the full wrath of a legal system that still provides for capital punishment by leaving her to be found dead on the edge of the city?

About Author: Zimbabwe-born (Harare, 1976) Masimba Musodza ascends the literary ladder with his brand of "intelligent pulp", fast-paced thrillers with a serious underlying theme. He has also been described as a "Rasta Hemmingway", not least because he has pioneered the creation of a corpus of what can be described as Rastafarian Fiction. When he writes in his own language, ChiShona, he explores the dark themes of his people's lore in a style that is both original yet revealing the strong influence of Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells etc. Since 2002, Masimba Musodza has lived in the United Kingdom, settling in the North East England town of Middlesbrough. His novels, novellas, short-stories and essays have been published in Zimbabwe, South Africa, the UK, the US, Jamaica, Croatia, Australia, Nigeria and, now, India

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